How has the emergence of labour unions impacted market and mixed economies?

29/04/2011 13:29

The coming of labour unions has helped in market and mixed economies, because it causes the companies to treat their employee's better. With labour unions, employee's can demand better workplace safety, working hours, wages.. etc. Because of unions, labour laws have been brought up in certain parts of the world. (ie. Canada) The Canadian labour laws state that workers have a right to form unions. The laws also set down bargaining procedures for unions and employer's, set standards for wages, work hours, workplace safety, holiday's.. etc. One of the major changes was when the labour laws made it so that companies could no longer hire children for full time jobs, or anything dangerous. However, they keep the companies from making as much money as they could, because they need to pay their employee's more. At the same time though, it keeps the employee's from complaining to much and, at least, somewhat satisfied, which in turn keeps things running smoothly. So both ways end up well.